The MOST CB & AM/FM Radio Range for less $$$!!!! NORTH America's (AND the World's) Old Fashioned Hi-Tech CB Man's CB SHOP for wherever you are!!! The MOST CB & AM/FM Radio Range for less $$$!!!! NORTH America's (AND the World's) Old  Fashioned Hi-Tech CB Man's CB SHOP for wherever you are!!!  


 Last 2 weeks of the month (usually)-TN Cell -

(865) 384-3711  Sprint Cell



First 2 weeks of the month (usually)- OH Cell- 440-503-7755                      (440) 944-5577- late morning/early afternoon

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 the 1st "tn" before cb man to get


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Phone numbers above.  Call cell numbers to get through faster, if not early afternoon.

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MORE CB range for  LESS $$$  !

Business Hours

We are open during the following hours:


I can see you anytime between 7am to 11pm Eastern Time, 6 days a week (NO Sundays).  Call for an appointment ahead of time 1 day if possible; or call when you are 1 hour or more from me.  Call the cell numbers (the 1st numbers)--I'm usually NOT at the other numbers unless I'm working on radios.

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Old (Antique) Truck Antennas   
IF you have an OLD TRUCK and want an OLD-TIME CB Antenna for it that works great instead of a NEW- FANGLED 21st Century communist Chinese JUNK CB Antenna that is common out here, I have the perfect antenna for you. Old time AMERICAN MADE antenna for YOUR old truck makes sense and looks great! Plus it works great too!
It is $40 and shipping, and has a White or Black coil on it, that very few people in the country sell these days.
I also have a few "Hy-Gain Mother Trucker" antennas with west coast mounts left from the 70's or before, brand new in the box!
I have old time CB's from the 70's that you may want in your old truck also. E mail me for info.
E mail me @ Just remove the first "c" of this address to get through!

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